VBStudio is a Kosovo based residential and
commercial design-consulting firm that
provides space solutions.



From conception to creation, VB Studio develops ideas into innovative solutions.

VB STUDIO is a creative project bureau located in Pristina, Kosovo. Our services are focused on the architectural side; interior, exterior; specialized in the urbanization of various engineering projects.

Retaining a high standard of contemporary architecture, VB STUDIO tends to different projects, always meeting customer expectations while preserving the aesthetic side of the project.


We are guided by creativity, beautiful things inspire us to do even better designs. From our studio in
Prishtina, we look at usual things with unusual eyes!

Urban Planning

A city always contains more than any inhabitant can know, and a great city always makes the unknown
and the possible spurs to the imagination.

Interior & Exterior Design

The key to a great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space!


We collaborate with brave clients
and businesses